How to resolv .42 domains

How to resolv .42 domains

I’m sure you heard of the new unofficial domain registry 42registry, who let you register domains like something.42. If you didn’t, go on there website and read, cause I found this very interesting, funny, and it made me want to try 🙂

So, after registering sysadmandine.42 domain name, I tried to surf on it. But I didn’t want to spend time to configure a secured but open bind on one of my servers, so I opted for the easy way : my local computer is on Ubuntu, Ubuntu is perfectly able to provide me a bind, so let’s go :

[cc lang=”bash”]
$ sudo aptitude install bind9

Then one line of config like they say on the 42registry website :
[cc lang=”bash”]$ sudo vim /etc/bind/named.conf.default-zones
add :
[cc lang=”bash”]zone “42” IN {
type forward;
forwarders {;;;;;;};

restart bind (surprisingly, just reload didn’t do it) :
[cc lang=”bash”]$ sudo /etc/init.d/bind9 restart

Check that it’s working :
[cc lang=”bash”]$ dig @localhost www.sysadmandine.42[/cc]
(you have to see a ANSWER section id it’s working)

And then tell your system to use it :

[cc lang=”bash”]$ sudo vim /etc/resolv.conf
Put this on the first line :
[cc lang=”bash”]nameserver

That’s it ! Now you just have to open your firefox or any other browser (be careful with chrome or chromium though, ther’s a trick to make it work with those ones, check the 42registry website to know how.), and try some domains !
* http://www.sysadmandine.42/ (of course)
* http://nic.42/
* I couldn’t find more websites in .42, do you know some?

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