I’m currently trying to find a backup program that fits my need. I found backup-manager, which seems to be easy to install, easy to use, and does what I want : filesystem backup in tarballs, incremential backups, even database backups or svn backups.

On ubuntu, just aptitude it : [cc lang=”bash”]sudo aptitude install backup-manager[/cc]

The config file is here : /etc/backup-manager.conf.
Take the time to fill it correctly, it’s very well explained inside.

If you want different types of backup on the same server, just write several config files, and call backup-manager this way : backup-manager -c /etc/backup-manager-alternate.conf

One last thing : always call it with root privilegies.

Now I’m just wondering how I could easily manage config files and what to backup for all servers… maybe build it dynamically thanks to a database of installed services before sending them on each server.

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