phpmyadmin & pagination

phpmyadmin & pagination

You’re crazy and you created more than 250 tables in your mysql server, and now you’re bored with this ugly and unergonomic pagination on phpmyadmin? I found the solution, and an easy one : just add this line at the bottom of your file :

[cc lang=”php”]$cfg[‘MaxTableList’] = 500;[/cc]

And that’s it ! now you can display your 500 tables at once ! However be careful, the more tables you display, the more time it will take each time, and the more you risk the “500 Internal Error”…

Some more interesting options to put in the same config file :
[cc lang=”php”]
$cfg[‘LeftDisplayServers’] = TRUE; // display server choice at top of left frame (server list from this file)
$cfg[‘DisplayServersList’] = TRUE; // server choice as links
$cfg[‘ThemePerServer’] = TRUE; // allow different theme for each configured server
$cfg[‘LightTabs’] = FALSE; //use graphically less intense menu tabs
$cfg[‘LoginCookieValidity’] = 7200; // validity of cookie login (in seconds)

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