My top 20 linux favourite commands

My top 20 linux favourite commands

Here’s my linux favourite commands, by type :

1. egrep : aaah… if I had to keep only one, this would be the one I’d choose… can’t spend 10 minutes without using it.
2. sed : because I always need to replace something by something else 10 times on each line in huge files
3. xargs : helps me avoid the for loop, shorter to write, easier to remember and understand when you find it in history
4. awk : for me the most difficult one to use, but I so know that it can do just what I want that I always take the time.

5. kill : ha ha, makes me feel I’m powerful
6. ps fauxww : makes me think I can watch everything that’s happening in real time. Like watching 10 movies at the same time.
7. aptitude : I like his way of telling me everything of what he’s doing… so chatty !
8. dstat : this one is really good : tells me a lot of things and with colors, I think he just knows what I’m looking for each time I call him.

9. ssh : is it necessary to say something about it? without him I’d be nothing.
10. telnet : I like the raw output, no interpretation, he’s stupid and this is sometimes really appreciable
11. host : simple tool for so great usefulness, even the basic usage is perfect
12. nmap : I looove knowing everything about hosts I can’t access…
13. tcpdump : really useful when you really dont understand what’s happening.
14. netstat : nmap from the inside. Feels like a treasure hunt sometimes.
15. mtr : seems just easy and fast, but also gives a lot of interesting information.

16. vim : makes me save so much time
17. screen : How did they live before screen? And I use only a small amount of its potential…

18. fdisk : boring in the begenning, fun once you know it by heart
19. sfdisk : really handy to mirror a disk partitionning scheme
20. mdadm : I love mdadm. Just love it, don’t know why.

One thought on “My top 20 linux favourite commands

  1. perso j’ajouterai tail, watch, nc (netcat).
    Et sinon comme screen, sudo n’était pas trop utilisé dans les années nonante. C’est quand même bien pratique.

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